About Sam


Lakewood has always meant one thing to Sam: home

Sam grew up on a tight-knit block of Clarence Avenue on Lakewood’s east end and is a proud graduate of Lakewood City Schools (Go Rangers!) Sam returned to Lakewood after receiving his B.A. in Political Science and Public Policy from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The sense of community that Sam experienced growing up in Lakewood inspired him to give back to city and its residents.

While attending law school at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Sam spent evenings on the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Tax Incentive Review Council and served on the Board of the Lakewood Rangers Education Foundation, which supports the City’s schools and their extracurricular programs.

Sam has served Lakewood as Ward Two Councilman since 2014 and was named Lakewood City Council President in 2016. As Ward Two Councilman and Lakewood City Council President, Sam has committed himself to knowing and working for every neighborhood and every resident in Lakewood. On Council Sam finds solutions for residents and addresses shared concerns about responsible commercial development, safe streets, and efficient delivery of high-quality city services.

Today, Sam and his wife Morgan live on on Gladys Ave. with their two cats Bandit and Bedlam.


Legislative Accomplishments

  • Fostered over $100 million in commercial investment in downtown Lakewood and on Madison Avenue

  • Passed Human Rights Ordinance (one of the most expansive in the State of Ohio) and a ban on “conversion therapy”

  • Championed Millions of Dollars of Reinvestment in our City’s Parks, including Kids’ Cove at Lakewood Park in Ward 2

  • Increased Council and government transparency and through investments in technology and legislation ensuring open meetings and accessible public records

  • Toughened animal cruelty laws to punish animal abusers

  • Supported the creation, attraction, and retention of dozens of businesses in Ward 2, and many more across the City.

  • Worked to pass sustainable, structurally balanced budgets for the last 6 years, while focusing on expanding city services and increasing quality and efficiency without raising taxes

  • Secured hundreds of thousands of dollars of County funding to demolish neighborhood nuisances and dangerous, dilapidated structures.

  • Enhanced public safety by investing in modernizing the City’s emergency dispatch, reinvesting in the city’s emergency vehicle fleet, brought a mobile stroke unit to be based in Lakewood, expanded City’s network of cameras in parks, along Detroit and Madison Avenues, and other high-traffic areas.

  • Supported City investment in green infrastructure like bioswales, smart traffic signals, and LED street lighting on our commercial corridors

  • Built upon Lakewood’s reputation as a bikeable and walkable community through new infrastructure