Dear Neighbor,

There's something very special about Lakewood- its people. I've walked the neighborhoods, I've sat on the solstice steps with my neighbors and friends, and I have frequented the businesses that make Lakewood so unique. Like so many, I felt the loss of Lakewood Hospital, a moment that brought discord among neighbors. I fought to pass legislation allowing dogs of all breeds and toughened our animal cruelty laws. I smiled when we renewed our commitment to keep our piece of the lake clean and safe for our community. I felt proud that we lead the charge to have the most expansive LGBTQ protections in the state and banned all forms of "conversion therapy" to protect our teens and young people.

But this community can still be better.

We can do more to protect our first responders and pedestrians by updating traffic laws. We can make government more accessible and transparent to its citizens through better technology. We can do better for our senior citizens, who deserve a community center we can be proud to have in our neighborhood.

The changes and challenges before us will not be easy. My service to Lakewood has taught me there will always be hard choices, but together, we can keep Lakewood moving forward. A vote still means something in Lakewood, it's a trust that is earned, not given. I have been honored by that trust as your Council President. In the coming months, I hope to earn that trust once again, and have the privilege of serving as your next Mayor.



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Sam has served Lakewood as Ward Two Councilman since 2014 and was named Lakewood City Council President in 2016.

A lifelong Lakewood resident, he is a proud graduate of Lakewood City Schools, is a former board member of the Ranger Education Foundation, and is an attorney at Matty, Henrikson & Greve LLC.

Sam lives on Gladys Ave. with his wife Morgan, and two cats, Bandit and Bedlum.