There's something very different about the people of Lakewood.

I've walked the neighborhoods of Lakewood a million times over. I've sat on the solstice steps watching sunsets with my neighbors with the joyful sounds of children laughing in the air. I was hurt by the closure of the Lakewood Hospital, a moment that brought discord among neighbors. I celebrated when we finally passed legislation allowing dogs of all breeds. I smiled when we renewed our commitment to keep our piece of the lake clean and safe for our community. I felt proud that we lead the charge to have the most expansive LGBT protections in the state and banned all forms of "conversion therapy" to protect our teens and young people.

But there’s more that we can do

Housing Affordability

  • Create and expand financing programs that stabilize neighborhoods by helping homeowners invest in necessary fixes and make improvements to allow them to stay in their home

  • Keep Lakewood’s water and sewer rates affordable through smart and regular investments in our system while implementing new technologies

Senior & Family Services

  • Create a convenient, world-class, multi-generational community center for our seniors and families

Lakewood's Infrastructure

  • Replace aging, leaking pools and create new aquatic facilities like splash pads in our City’s parks

  • Continue to invest in new equipment, safety features, and other improvements at our City’s parks

  • Expand programs like the Storefront Renovation Loan Program for small and family-owned businesses looking to invest in our City’s historic storefronts